Meet Campify: Our Story

Eyal and Joseph met in 2013 when their paths crossed in Miami, FL. They have worked together ever since on a number of projects and initiatives that have primarily focused on benefiting nonprofits and small businesses. Their combined deep connection to communities and youth services has kept them around professionals in the camp space. In 2020, at the onset of the first wave of the COVID Pandemic, a group of camp directors recognized the risk of creating schedules by hand. The science and regulations were changing by the hour, thus, creating a Summer Camp Schedule became an almost impossible task.

if you start creating your schedule too soon, you’d have to start over tomorrow as new groups or staff are added. . .
Wait for the information to stabilize, you’d never have it ready in time. . .
There had to be a better way!

They reached out for help. Joseph and Eyal looked for existing solutions to suggest to
these directors, but found no affordable option that met the complex needs of their camps. Campify was born to fill this void in the market

In addition to the customization & configurability that comes with the many parameters that we support, Campify pioneers the concept of requirements – lego-like rules that you can add to your scheduling model to achieve a highly customized schedule that has only ever existed in your imagination.

Campify transforms a task, usually associated with stress & frustration into one that embraces challenge by arming camp professionals with the tools needed to achieve excellence. 

We value your feedback and are committed to making Campify work for all types of camps (day/overnight), inclusive of your unique scheduling requirements & quirks.

We look forward to helping you serve your community.

-Eyal & Joseph 


Our Founders

Eyal Abadi

Eyal Abadi has his bachelors in Computer Science from the University of Florida. Eyal has spent the last 6 years managing and creating software aimed at helping small companies and nonprofits reach into the digital technology space with mobile apps, automation and a variety of enterprise software. During his youth, Eyal was also a staff member at a Miami Community Center and served as a Logistics Director, coordinating a large-sized Summer Camp.

Eyal is also an Integration Engineer and Solutions Architect at a Fortune 50 company enabling and building technology platforms at an enterprise scale. With his background in the tech sector, he was responsible for building Campify’s entire ecosystem and leading the architecture and design work. Eyal is originally from Venezuela but now resides in Boston, MA.

Eyal oversees the teams responsible for Campify’s technology stack and architecture as well as Campify’s sales and marketing strategies.


Joseph Levy

Born in Miami, FL to a Colombian family, Joseph grew up amazed by technology’s ability to improve the human condition. Early in life, an interest in scheduling emerged. Joseph moved to Atlanta to pursue a bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech where he focused on mathematical optimization and its scheduling applications. Joseph earned a Masters of Science in Analytics before accepting a role as a software engineer at the world’s largest IT Company. Since 2017, Joseph has developed optimization models for large sports tournaments, electrical services companies, university mentorship programs, manufacturing organizations, and warehouses. 

In parallel, Joseph has dedicated the past 8 years to serving many communities in various roles, designing/leading leadership programs for an international youth movement and Summer Camp. Joseph speaks on a number of topics including leadership, group dynamic, and how to design memorable experiences that teach people content via creative methods.

For Joseph, Campify is the perfect way to merge his technical passion for optimization, with his deep understanding of the needs of youth and communities and the role camps play in the development of children and teens. 

Joseph oversees the teams responsible for Campify’s product vision, front-end/user experience, and optimization capabilities.

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